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If you like ice cream and beautiful sceneries, then you will love Lake Hill Farm.  In addition to serving some of the best ice cream in all of Hokkaido, Lake Hill Farm offers it’s visitors a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and fun for the entire family.

The shop here at the farm offers soft cream and a large selection of ice cream including the usual favorites of vanilla, chocolate, green tea plus unusual ones like blue salt, rum raisin and my favorite, Mille-feuille.  On sale are also other yummy items such as cookies, jam, pudding and some excellent cheese and butter.

Next to the shop is a small restaurant that serves lunch (curry rice, sandwiches, etc) and cakes.

Besides satisfying you gastronomically, Lake Hill also has the wide open space adjacent to the shop and restaurant where anyone could enjoy the majestic view of Mt. Yotei.  There are also the sport games equipments freely available for use.  Kids visiting always have lots of fun feeding the rabbits, goats and the horses.

Great ice cream, outdoor fun and beautiful sceneries.  What more can you ask for?

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