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We all know of the much loved varieties of Japanese noodles like ramen, soba and udon.  While there are plenty of ramen and soba shops in Hokkaido, we rarely ever hear of shops that specialize in udon.  We recently came across one such rarity; and it’s a great one at that.  It’s called Nonosan Udon.

After spending a few days in Niseko, we decided to drive through Kyokoku on our way home and visit the famous Kyogoku Water Park (more on this in a separate post).  We had so much fun at the park and the nearby onsen (more on this too in the other post) that by the time we left, it was way past our usual dinner time.  We then remember of a udon shop nearby that was highly recommended by a friend.  We got there 2 minutes before closing time but the staff was gracious enough to accommodate us.  We were lucky not only in that we got seated but we got seated right away; I hear that 30+ minute wait is common for this place.

Now about the udon.  Just as you would expect from from a specialty shop, the udon is cooked just right and the soup base is delicious (which they cook using the famous spring water from the nearby Kyogoku Springs.)  What might be a surprise is the choice of toppings; besides the usual tempura items, there are things like tempura fish, chicken, eggs and chikuwa (tube shaped fish cakes).  Looking around the other tables we saw that people were ordering all different things which tells me that everything was good.  And when we got our orders of chicken, vegetable and chikuwa and egg tempura udon, we  were certainly not disappointed and understood then how the customers justify the 30 minutes wait.  A special note for parents: kindergarten aged children get kid’s portion udon free!  Great food, great service and great atmosphere, that’s a restaurant that worth the wait.

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