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As most Toyako residence will tell you, Ramuyato is a little gem of a shop.  It is a combination of bakery, cafe and gallery for some beautiful local arts and crafts.  Owned and run by two bothers and their spouses, this chic and cozy shop is converted from an old house.  For me, the main attraction here is, of course, the bread.  The younger of the 2 bros is the baker and makes a variety of styles of bread using natural yeast and some of the finest natural ingredients such as whole wheat, rice flour and 100% rye flour.  The bread here is so fresh and tasty that the 40 minutes drive from my town is well worth it.  However, a word of caution, Ramuyato bread is very popular among the locals and is often sold out by mid afternoon.  Besides bread, the shop also carries some very nice items such as hand made glass pieces and wood carvings created by local artisans.  All these elements of the shop combines to make Ramuyato a testament to quality and good taste.  In fact, they have such a following from the folks around here that a local musician wrote and recorded a whole CD of songs about Ramuyato.  One of the songs about their bread has become an anthem for the local school kids!

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