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The key ingredient for great ramen is the chef’s pride in his craft.

When my friends come to visit Hokkaido and ask me about great ramen shops, I often take them to this little ramen shop in Date city, Hokkaido.  

So far, every single one has said this was one of the best ramen they have ever tasted!

In addition to the popular ramen flavors (miso, salt & soy sauce), this ramen shop is famous for it’s Scallion Ramen.  The scallion is so finely sliced that it adds great texture and flavor to the mildly spicy and meaty soup without the strong scallion smell.  Even people who are usually not fans of scallion will find this irresistible.

Topped with a pile of finely sliced fresh scallion, the ねぎしおラメン (ne-gi shi-o ramen; Scallion Salt Flavor Ramen) is one of the most popular at this little Hokkaido ramen shop.

Can’t you taste just it already?!

The menu is simple (if you can read Japanese)…but the simplicity is done to perfection!

The key elements of a proper Hokkaido ramen experience. The ice water is always present.

Tsuru Tsuru Tei Ramen – Date City Hokkaido

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