Enjoy Your Hokkaido Kegani Like a Pro
Our Hokkaido Hairy Crabs are freshly caught, cooked and frozen to preserve it’s natural flavors.  To enjoy, you just need to defrost and serve.

Instructions– Defrost overnight in the refrigerator or- 1-2 hrs in room temperatureOnce defrosted, you can prepare them as follows.Tool:  A pair of scissors
1.  Trim of the legs along the knuckles.

2. Remove the triangular flap on the bottom of the body.

* see photo below for reference

3.  Open the top shell and separate from the lower body as shown here.

4. Scoop the crab butter from the body and place in the shell to enjoy later.

5.  Use your fingers to remove the gills (circled in the photo). 

6.  Next prepare the legs by cutting along the side edge as shown below.

7.  Almost done!  Cut the body in half.

8.  Lastly, split the top and bottom part of the body as shown below so the meat to easily take our the succulent meat.

¥8,168 for 2  (2x400g)Price includes delivery to Hong Kong

¥15,838 for 4  (4x400g) 

Price includes delivery to Hong Kong

A ¥498 discount!

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