Hokkaido Fresh Handmade Salmon Caviar 

Fresh and Delicious

 Directly from Fishermen to YOU! 
Fall Is Hokkaido Salmon Season!

  • Fresh Hokkaido wild salmon roe 三文魚籽
  • Seasoned with top quality soy sauce
  • All natural ingredients.  No Preservative
  • Made fresh after receiving order from the daily catch
  • Then delivered frozen to preserve freshness
  • Enjoy top restaurant quality sushi at home
  • Perfect for Ikura-don

¥8,688 / 2 bottles (200g x 2)

Approx. HK$560

Price includes shipping to a Hong Kong

HOKKAIDian Premium Rubies are 

  • Handmade from fresh early season salmon eggs with delicate skin.
  • Made fresh then quick frozen; NO preservatives!
  • Made from wild-caught salmon eggs – NO antibiotics!




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