Hokkaido Bocca Milk Pudding

Made Fresh and Sent Directly to You in Hong Kong

Creamy and Delicious
Made from Hokkaido Fresh Milk

Bocca Fresh Milk Pudding
* Made with fresh Hokkaido milk
* Rich, creamy and delicious
* 4 flavors to choose from
* Made to order, guarantee fresh!

* Milk Chocolate
* Creme Brûlée
* White (Milk)

Bocca is a well-respected company based here in our town of Date, Hokkaido.  Using only the best local milk, these pudding balls are made fresh daily.

¥3,668 for 2 packs
Price includes delivery to Hong Kong

¥6,838 for 4 packs
Price includes delivery to Hong Kong
A ¥498 discount!

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