Hokkaido Usu Melons

Sweet, Juicy & a Refreshing Aftertaste 


Grown near the Usu Volcano (有珠山)

Our premium melons comes to you in HK directly from the farm! 

Premium Hokkaido Melons

  • Very sweet with great melon flavor
  • Very refreshing
  • Very juicy
  • Firm texture
  • Harvested just in time for your order

Click here to see what makes Hokkaido Usu melons special!

¥6,888 per melon

L size (2.2kg each) 

Price includes HK delivery

¥13,288 for 2 melons

L size (4.6 kg total ) 

Price includes HK delivery


To ensure you will enjoy the melons at their prime, they will arrive to you 1-2 days before fully ripened.

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 One 3L size Melons ¥6,888   
 Set of two 3L Melons ¥13,288   


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