Before you begin, best to get a few items ready.

  • Towels or paper towels to wipe hands
  • A glove so it would be easier to hold the scallop shells.  No glove is necessary for the shucking hand.
  • 1 plate to place the scallop meat
  • 2 bowls:  1 for the scallop edges (can eat) & 1 for scallop intestines (do not eat).

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1.  Hold scallop with top up.  The top is more curvy (see next photo) and usually darker.  The bottom is often white.


2.  See the top is rounder then the bottom


3.  Push the shucker into the bottom of the shell under the meat.  If the scallop is shut; try pushing from the end where there should be small openings.


4.  Keep running the shucking along the bottom until the shell snaps open which means the meat is dislodged from 1 shell.


5.  Open the shell


 6.  Remove the loose shell


7.  Run the shucker gently along the top edge to dislodge the scallop edge (the curly meat) and the intestine (black part).


8.  Loosen the edge and black part without lifting the scallop meat in the middle.


9.  With your hand, grab the black part and the edge and lift away from shell.


10.  Continue until the edge/black part is separated from the scallop meat.  The edge can then separated from the black part into separate bowls.  The edge could be eaten as sashimi.  Pan fry with butter is also very good.

*Discard the black part


11.  Finally, remove the scallop from the shell and enjoy!




It’s really quite easy, even my little girl can do it!

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