Cool Hokkaido Nights
  • Warm summer days help melons grow
  • Cool Hokkaido nights make the plants move nutrients into the melons to ensure healthy reproduction.
  • So Hokkaido melons are sweeter and tastier!  
Usu Volcanic Soil

  • Lots of water is needed to grow sweet juicy melons.
  • But too much water makes them less tasty.
  • Nutrient rich sand-like volcanic soil keeps the perfect moisture balance.
  • Making Usu melons both Sweet and Juciy!

The HOKKAIDian Advantage

Once ripened, melons stay at the prime for only a short time.The melons we ship are carefully selected to ensure that our customers are able to enjoy them during the prime period. That’s something most stores can’t promise.  We include a note indicating the start of the best period and information on how to tell when it’s the best time eat.

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