Top quality loin chop with moderate fat and tender meat sliced in thickness just right for sautéing.
Panfried with salt and pepper.  Perfection!

黄金豚リブロースのソテー用厚切り 適度な脂肪分を含み、旨味があり肉質もきめ細やかなリブロース。塩・胡椒だけで肉そのものを味わえる絶品。

Each piece is 100g(1枚 約100g)

**Please note that this item could only be delivered within Hokkaido.


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All our pork products are from the Oya Ranch in Date, Hokkaido.

The Oya Meat brand represents top quality taste and texture.  The greatest care and respect for the livestock are top priorities.

The healthy natural diets, hygienic and low-stress living environments for the pigs at the ranch are reflected in the quality of the meat.

5 pieces shown in the photo above.  Orders are taken on per piece basis.

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Order loin chop 100g/pc @ ¥250.00
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