500g of thinly sliced pork loin plus 2 bottles of sukiyaki sauce.  Serves 4

These top quality pork loin slices have the perfect balance of fat and tender lean meat for the ideal combination of texture and favor.

1セット 約4人前 薄切り豚肉500g すき焼きのたれ 2本


**Please note that this item could only be delivered within Hokkaido.


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All our pork products are from the Oya Ranch in Date, Hokkaido.

The Oya Meat brand represents top quality taste and texture.  The greatest care and respect for the livestock are top priorities.

The healthy natural diets, hygienic and low-stress living environments for the pigs at the ranch are reflected in the quality of the meat.

Heat the sauce in a pan and lightly cook the thinly sliced pork.  Dip the meat in fresh raw egg the way the locals do…heavenly!

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Order Sukiyaki Pack Each Set @ ¥1,950.00
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