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HOKKAIDian Tree Owner Privileges at the Hamada Orchard

  • Free access to the orchard for your family (10 persons max) during apple harvest season
  • We can harvest your apples in case you are not able to come during harvest season
  • Free admissions for 8 annually to enjoy the seasonal harvest outside of apple season
  • 50% discount on admissions for additional members of your group
  • 10% discounts on purchases of fruits and other Hamada Orchard products


HOKKAIDian Special Services during owners’ Hokkaido visits

  • Arrange car rental at special rates
  • Recommend and arrange accommodations (discounts available at some hotels)
  • Recommend and make restaurant bookings at best kept local secrets



How many apples is there in 15kg of apples?

15kg is approximately 45 apples.  That’s the average yield of an apple tree.  Of course, like everything in nature, there are variations.  However, even on years when an apple tree produces less than 15kg of apples, we will still ship 15kg of apples to each owner by including apples from the orchard’s stock.

How long can I own the apple tree?

You can expect to own your tree for 15 years.  An apple tree can produce high quality apples until about 25 years old and the trees we are selling are at the prime of 10 years old.

After I buy the tree, when will I receive the apples?

Harvest for the owners’ apple trees is in late October.  The apple will be shipped out immediately after harvesting and should arrive in Hong Kong before end of October.

When do I pay the maintenance fee?

Maintenance fee is to be paid 1 month prior to the ownership anniversary.  For example, if you purchase your tree on Oct 31st, then the annual maintenance fee due date is Sep 30th for each of the following year until the end of the tree productive life (approximately 15 years).  An invoice (online payment request) will be sent prior to the due date.

What happens if I forget to pay the annual maintenance fee?

If the maintenance fee is not paid by the due date, the owner’s privileges will be suspended and the apples will not be shipped.

Can I transfer the ownership of my apple tree to a friend?

Yes.  A ownership transfer fee of ¥5,000 fee will be charged for the transfer of ownership.  A new certificate will be issued if requested.  The new owner will be responsible for the annual maintenance fee to be paid 1 month prior to the original ownership anniversary.

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