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Chikyu Misaki, translated as Cape Earth, is a popular spot for locals to come and view the first dawn of every new year.  And once you are here, it’s easy to see why.  Rising more than 100 meters above the Pacific Ocean, this cliffside location offers an unparalleled majestic view of the ocean from sunrise to sunset.

View of the light house with the golden lights reflecting off the Pacific Ocean. Another breathtaking moment in scenic Hokkaido.

Cape Earth was voted #1 by Asahi Newspaper in their Hokkaido Nature Beauty 100 (1985)

With such breathtaking beauty, you might be wondering why you don’t hear of Cape Earth more often as a Hokkaido scenic spot.  Located in the Hokkaido city of Muroran, which is better known for it’s history as an industrial town, this area is overlooked by most visitors; which is a shame since this breathtaking scenic spot could easily be incorporated into a visit to the nearby famous attractions as Lake Toya (洞爺湖) and  Noboribetsu (登別).

As you can see from these photo, even a town not well known among tourists to Hokkaido holds scenic treasures that one would remember for a lifetime.

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The Bell of Happiness is located on the observation deck of Cape Earth in Muroran Hokkaido. Said to bring happiness to those who ring it!

The Bell of Happiness from a different angle. Even without ringing the bell, the breathtaking beauty already brings happiness!

Breathtaking ocean view scenic spot in Muroran, Hokkaido.

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