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There are many well-known spring water outlets all over Hokkaido.  One of the most famous is this Mt. Yotei outlet in the town of Kyogoku.  It has been officially listed as one of Japan’s best spring water spots for a quarter of a century.  The water here is great tasting and is so refreshingly cold that as you approach the spring outlets, the temperature drops creating a naturally air-conditioned area.  Around this beautiful spring water outlet, the town built an equally exquisite park perfect for relaxing strolls with plenty of great photo ops.  The 80,000 tons per day of water pouring from this spring not only create a mini waterfall but also feeds into a lovely pond decorated with bridges and pavilions.  As with many natural spring water spots in Japan, it’s common to see people filling up ten’s of liter bottles for home or even restaurant use.  One great udon restaurant nearby called Nonosan uses the water from here for their cooking.

Besides the peaceful sceneries, there is also the large green areas for relaxing and a playground where the kids can tire themselves out; something any travel weary parent can appreciate.  The playground not only has equipment for very young kids but also has rope gliders that are great fun for older kids (much older kids in some cases : )

After we got all grimy from running around the playground, we were ready for a nice scrub down and a relaxing bath at the nearby Kyogoku Onsen only a couple of minutes drive away.  Admission for this locally operated onsen is very reasonable and features outdoor baths with spectacular views of Mt. Yotei.  Relaxing at this beautifully scenic bath is a great way to end a day of outdoors fun.

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