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While most visitors know Showa Shinsan as a spectacular sight-seeing attraction, I consider it as a great food stop.  As you drive into the parking lot for the Showa Shinsan area, you will surely notice the small steaming volcano.  That, or course, is the “Shinsan” meaning new mountain.  It is called New Mountain because it sprang out of a wheat field after an earthquake in 1943.  It continued growing for the next 2 years until it’s current height of 290 meters.  The Usuzan Ropeway, a cable car ride to the nearby Mt. Uzu offers visitors some pretty spectacular sights of the mountains and Lake Toya.  However, you would miss out if you didn’t try some of the food offerings from the vendors near the parking lot.  One small stall in particular operated by a nice old lady sells this potato donut that is both tasty and has a chewy texture.  Another shop further down sells senbei (rice crackers) has what they call “wet” senbei, a warm chewy version of the rice crackers on a skewer.  These are definite must tries during your visit to Showa Shinsan.  If you manage to tear yourself away from the food, make sure to take a few photos of the sceneries too.

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