The beginning of the fall season is a great time for fruit picking in Hokkaido.  Among the wonderful varieties of fruits available are peaches and plums.

Hokkaido Peaches fresh off the trees at the Hamada Orchard

To celebrate this year’s harvest,  The Hamada Orchard has created a fantastic new jam flavor, Peach & Plum Jam!

Hokkaido Premium Handmade Jam now available online!

Using the best natural ingredients right from our trees, the peach & plum jam has a fresh sweet flavor and a gorgeous rose color.

Hokkaido Peach Tree at the Hamada Orchard

Hokkaido Plum Tree at the Hamada Orchard

Jam making at the Hamada Orchard in Hokkaido

Handmade jam made using the freshest ingredients right off the tree at the orchard!

Hokkaido Peach & Plum Jam

Each jar of our handmade jam is careful inspected and sealed

A variety of premium Hokkaido handmade jams available online and at the Hamada Orchard shop

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